Beyond Bespoke was established in 2006 in Midtown Manhattan by Nick Torres, a third-generation tailor. Today, Mr. Torres employs a staff of 13 master tailors, all with at least a quarter-century of experience, as well as a seamstress. Together, they dress refined men according to time-honored standards in an ever-accelerating culture, whether it be in their Midtown studio or their clients’ offices or homes. A bespoke suit is designed with only its owner in mind. The process of creating it, however long-established, should be every bit as accommodating.

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Meet Nick

With his father always in the back of his mind, Mr. Torres personally tends to an increasingly loyal clientele.

About Beyond Bespoke

Nick Torres grew up with a tape measure draped around his neck. His father drew him to his side as a young child so that he could have an unimpeded view of what he did – and what his father before him had done – for a living. What remains with him, foremost, from those earliest, foreign moments was his father’s demeanor: gracious, patient, focused.

At 19, already with years of tailoring beneath him, Mr. Torres opened Beyond Bespoke in a Midtown storefront just large enough to accommodate himself, a fellow tailor, and a single client at a time. He dedicated it to his father, who never had a shop of his own.

Today, Mr. Torres and the Beyond Bespoke studio exude a sense of permanence. He’s not yet 40, but he’s already been at this for more than two decades. Mr. Torres traces his staying power to thoughtfully embracing every decision, whether it’s selecting a statement lining for a new suit or designing his own formal and evening-wear label.




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What to Expect

If you’re a first-time client, Mr. Torres will start by asking what you like to wear – and what a slightly bolder version of yourself would look like. “What I want to try to do is challenge you,” he says. “And every time you come in, I’m going to try to challenge you a little bit more.”

As an expert clothier, he can show you how to play up your favorite features and work around those nagging insecurities.

From there, Mr. Torres will select several swatches from an inventory of thousands of fabrics that he feels align best with your needs – and wants – for the garment. And then the true fun begins. If you’re shopping for a suit, you’ll be asked to consider if you want a two- or a three-piece, double vents or one, notch lapels or peak. It may sound overwhelming, but you’ll have a veteran navigator by your side.

Once the suit is composed, Mr. Torres will take meticulous measurements. A month to six weeks later, you’ll return to the studio for your first fitting. If you have any questions or reconsiderations, now is the time to express them. Then, you’ll return for your final fitting in another week or two.

Some of our reviews.

“From his impeccable tailoring to personal connection, Nick creates an extraordinary experience. His attention to detail and genuine interest in your preferences result in clothing that feels like a work of art. If you seek a tailor who combines proficiency with a heartwarming touch, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend Beyond Bespoke.”

Andres Fernandez Vilches

Nick is brilliant, patient, and has an amazing eye for fit. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the work was done immaculately and on time. I have a number of shirts, blazers, and pants that need to be altered, and I’m taking them all to Beyond Bespoke!

Mariusz Kozak

I was in need of a hem for a dress for my best friends elopement. They had an available appt the next day after checking them out on the internet and turned around my dress very quickly for a fair price. 10/10 would recommend their service and will use again the next time I need services.

Shealy Long

I’m so happy to have found this place. I’ve never been to a tailor that just gets what I want without me having to really break it down for them over and over. I don’t even have to explain what I want well to Nick, he can read my mind and I come out with the best fitting suits I’ve ever had. I have a muscular build so suits have always been tough to get right but literally every piece of clothing I’ve ever brought to them comes out perfect. I cannot recommend beyond bespoke more highly, they are the BEST.

Andrew Chuang

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